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March 17, 2022 - June 30, 2022 (Q2)

John S.

I really appreciate the effort and time that Tuan's team had put into this project. It made a huge improvement from the previous process.

Employees are able to sign up for direct deposit via self-services, and the process time reduce from 4-6 weeks to 1-2 weeks.

Thank you again!!


Douglas A.

Helpful and kind to our Facilities workers when seeking SSO assist between a broken fob and Duo app. Thanks for your speedy solutions!

Rebecca D.

Sterling S.

Very helpful in providing solutions to technical issues with printers, computers, etc. Very professional.

Krzysztof K.

Very helpful in providing technical helps to printers, computers and etc.

Tram T.

Very helpful in converting Excel files into DAT files to transfer to vendor's system.

Arsenio H.

Very helpful in resolving issues with CFS and providing solutions. Very respectful and professional.

Rebecca D. and Nat K.

Rebecca was persistent and diligent in meeting with me to get tutoring on the mobile app. She provided details ahead of time so that when we met, it was an efficient use of our time. She invited Nat to the meeting just in case, and he was able to join quickly and easily and provide me with the information I needed to make a decision. I was blown away by the unwavering dedication to service both Rebecca and Nat demonstrated throughout the process. Thanks to everyone for making this happen!

Ivan W.

Ivan Wong has provided years of service to me. Back when the Enrollment Management Tech team was dissolved, there was no one assigned to help me implement new CSU requirements for math and English "remediation" and new Early Start BPG work. Ivan--with help from Andy Wong and Whitney Wong--led the way in supporting me when there was little support. To this day, I am impressed with Ivan's combination of deep technical knowledge and friendly customer service. He is AMAZING.

James T.

Great Service, Patience, on time, and cordial help when needed.

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Jane Doe

nominated on 12/1/2020

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