Shout-out Wall for Q3 2022

Congratulations to our Q3 2022 Golden Gator Award Winners: Alexis W., Ryan J., and Marlon R.

Shout-out Recipients
June 15, 2022 - September 30, 2022 (Q3)

Primo E

Provide PT 8.59 Fluid page and navigation setup trainings
Coordinate with CO for MP release and COMR submissions
Working with Via TRM and Unisys teams for Firewall and connection configuration
Resolving the PT 8.59 testing issues

Ryan J.

Ryan has always worked well with others. He consistently produces reliable work. He is a terrific resource for new recruits and student employees, and they feel comfortable reaching out to him for knowledge. He had also been acting with the traits of a great leader.

Ivan W

Ivan Wong is among the best as he goes beyond his capabilities as LEAD BA, he assist all of us in anything possible even crossing the level of his functional skills boundaries and up tech skills territories. Coordinate maintenance pack release for CS and HR in PT 8.57 and 8.59 instances.

For PT 8.59 upgrade, configure of PT 8.59 Applicant/Faculty/Staff/Student homepages,

Security setup of user accesses, Smart Planner FTP, solving issues related to PT 8.59 instance.

Providing production supports for various user requests tickets.

I think as a Senior among our team and have worked with so many organization as an independent consultant, he is amongst one of the best I’ve seen so far and as young as his, the possibility is endless for Him now.

Tuan D

He is a superb leader, he bind us together as group and emphasize collaboration and teamwork That’s why we achieved a lot in this difficult times. He gave as the fluidity to be ourselves and freedom to enhance our skills through innovative approach and provide us the support and tools we need to achieve our goals.

He is always available if we are in need of guidance and provide us the wisdom and his expertise to weave us thru whatever block we have. He is a leader and a friend to all of us and with his guidance we keep on achieving our goals, motivated and continually improving our skills.

Alexis W

She has gone above and beyond to assist ITS directors with the recruitment processes and activities. Thank you, Alexis, for all the effort you put into including contacting potential candidates, scheduling interviews, and working with HR on the paperwork.

Marlon Henry R.

Marlon has been an incredible resource for ITS. No matter how busy he was he always willing to help and assist different teams and prioritize his time very well. This has result in improved application update and maintenance process! Thanks so much Marlon!

Alexis W

Alexis assists with the hiring process with a steady, unwavering approach. No matter how frustrating the search, no matter how many candidates refuse her attempts to contact them, she continues forward calmly. She smooths out the chaos of the job search and ensures the hiring manager has the best chance at success.

Evelynne L

Evelynne went above and beyond to not only design a new First Day of School report, but implemented the first infographic version. Then, she assembled the information on the day-of with no assistance and within record time. Her professionalism, creativity, and can-do spirit were essential ingredients in ITS' successful implementation.

Michelle M

I want to compliment Michelle.  She was way beyond the call of duty:  she helped me move to 2FA on both my iPhone and my Windows11 machine.  It took her only 29 minutes to help this aging retiree to successfully coordinate my phone and laptop with 2FA.  She was patient, answered my questions, and solved my issues. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. Michelle, thank you. I can’t say it enough times.

William M

This was very unexpected, and SUCH a huge help!! We so-o-o-o-o appreciate your taking initiative to help us with the accessibility issues in our Drupal 8 transition. This has been absolutely terrific for getting us more quickly to approval and going live, especially coming at this very busy time of year for us.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Ryan K.

Ryan stopped what he was working on to help me with Outlook Calendar issues for the CIO. He made sure I had the access I needed with little notice and disturbance to the work I do. This isn't the first time Ryan has done this either. He continuously troubleshoots issues I encounter with our ITS email tag lines. He is always extremely supportive and friendly. I really appreciate it. It is so refreshing to be able to have a supportive and positive team member. I'm sure the campus community will feel the same when working with Ryan. Super glad he's on our team. Thanks, Ryan! Major kudos! 

UPD & DCS Drupal 8 Website Conversions

I am writing to thank you and your team for all their assistance in helping my team convert the UPD website to Drupal 8 and create a new website, DCS. I was not originally involved in the conversion process, but when our IT Consultant accepted a position with another agency, the task eventually fell to me. To be honest, I had no idea what I was supposed to do or how, since I hadn't been provided with any training, guidance or access prior to receiving the task ~2 months ago. However, your team assisted me through the entire process from providing me access to the UPD website, creating the DCS website, adjusting my permissions so I had the right authorizations, providing training, and trouble shooting. I learned this had been an ongoing project across campus for quite some time, but I only received the assignment the past few months and had a lot of catch up to play while trying to complete a plethora of other assignments. This was a sprint for our team, which we would not have been able to finish in the allotted time without your team. Thank you!

I would also like to provide a very special acknowledgement and thanks to WIlliam Mac, who without his help, I'm not sure my team would have been successful in completing the UPD and DCS websites. William went above the call of duty to understand our needs with this project, even when I did not have the correct verbiage to describe what I was trying to do or what the problem was, and provide us with the assistance we needed. He provided us with training, support and trouble shooting. His assistance was instrumental in our being able to complete the project on time. I have thanked him personally, but wanted to share this with his supervisor as well.

Thank you!
Jaime Haymond
Lieutenant / Field Operations Division
Division of Campus Safety

Ivan W

There is too much here to highlight, but Ivan has been an incredible (and patient) resource for our area as we have needed both significant project support but also help understanding and interpreting existing processes. He is incredibly intelligent with impressive analytical skills, but also a pleasant colleague. I'm so glad he's on the ITS team!

Wilbur L

Wilbur Lam has been an incredible resource as we have needed to refine our use of Twilio and the staff who have access to various skills. He is unfailingly helpful and responsive, and it has been such a pleasure working with him as we made these adjustments. Just wanted to make sure you had a sense of how critical his support has been to our office! We really appreciate all his help.

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