Shout-out Wall for Q4 2022

Congratulations to our Q3 2022 Golden Gator Award Winners: Andy W. and Arsenio H..

Shout-out Recipients
October 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 (Q4)


Arsenio G H

James T

The MVP :)

James T

The best team lead ever! :)

James T

I want to give a shout-out to James Tran.

James is always helpful, responsive, thorough, flexible, knowledgeable, and friendly.
He's an asset to ITS!

Great work James!

Arsenio H

Arsenio has been providing a very professional finance support to the University. The finance support provided by Arsenio covers PeopleSoft support including system updates/conversions by Oracle and CSU, new CSU-wide program implementations, financial reporting support, document scanning, IRS and EDD reporting, campus financial system year-end close support, and etc. Arsenio's contributions to the University is crucial to the functioning of the accounting services and finance system,

Thank you Arsenio!

David L, Arsenio H, Ken P

Collaborating to build local Windows SQL Server and resolving performance issues for importing and loading large amounts of data between University Advancement's CRM cloud and our local data mart.

Arsenio H

Arsenio is always available to help out and very responsive to any inquiries. UCorp heavily relies on his expertise and he follows up accordingly as appropriate. He also always professional and friendly, and is a great pleasure to work with.

Lin Lee & William Mac

Lin & William deserve a Shout Out for their patience in in assisting both Housing and the Library--the last two Drupal 8 conversion holdouts--in moving their projects forward to review and production. Housing attended the weekly support drop-ins nearly every week for several months to move their site to completion. Despite some difficult circumstances and with both sites having missed their deadlines by two or more months and pressure building to complete development, Lin and William were patient, helpful, and firm in their customer support. 

ERP and Custom Apps Teams

Both teams collaborated to coordinate tasks related to the successful implementation of the recent PeopleTools 8.59 upgrade, which includes a new navigation feature called Fluid.

Ming Z and Primo E

Completed development and implementation of Bursar's new CashNet feature called Dynamic Billing, which allows students to see a detailed view and breakdown of account charges.

Wilbur L

I am the new person on the telecom team, Wilbur has been a great help to me about the different collages and departments on their needs.
thank you for your help

Alex K

I want to give a shout-out to Alex who has been a great help to me on PCR and department process .
Thank you Alex for all your help.


Felix is a real behind the scenes wonder. He goes around the campus just getting tasks done. He is efficient, quick and funny. Grateful to have him on our team. 

Wilbur L

Wilbur is pleasure to work with. He's knowledgeable. He puts in the work. He remains calm. He's been excellent all-around. I am grateful to be able to work with him on projects. Thanks, Wilbur!

The UC Classroom Migration Team

This instrumental little team worked diligently to replace and update all campus classroom phones to the new Avaya phone system. They collaborated perfectly together; worked through any and all roadblocks, quickly addressed any issues, and completed the migrations before the project deadline. They were extremely effective, really dedicated and seriously resilient. Big thanks to Alex, Felix, Matt, Sal, and other supporting members of the Telecom and Network teams; your work here really makes a difference. 

Michelle D

Michelle continues to excel in her new Project Lead role! Our small PMO has been through staff changes and has seen our share of project requests but Michelle handles everything professionally, calmly and is a pleasure to work with! In Q4, she helped complete the Classroom Phone Migrations project, PMO’s Box Migration, assisted with 2FA communications, served as a backup PM for AM2020, actively participated in the TPM search committee, hosted PMO meetings and prepared a number of PMO reports. Thank you, Michelle for your hard work and support!

Andy W

I want to thank Andy for his hard work and dedication on the AM2020 project! In order to get the project done faster, we grouped multiple areas. This required Andy to prepare grids and templates, present at kickoff meetings, troubleshoot and consult, and QA up to 4 departments at one time. It wasn’t easy but we’re ending the year 76% done and on track to complete the project early next year. Thank you, Andy!

Arsenio G H

Arsenio did efficient SQL scripts generation on supporting Advancement CRM project by utilized advanced SQL tools.

Great work. Arsenio.

Kenneth T P

Ken did great jobs on supporting Advancement CRM project to standup a SQL Server VM with advanced configuration.

Great work. Ken.

Ryan J

Giving thanks to Ryan for quickly resolving issue I had installing software using Software Center on a new workstation assigned to me. I particularly paid attention to the customer service experience and found the interaction be enjoyable, especially with the BeyondTrust (Bomgar) remote desktop support software.

Just a question, is there a way to brand the interface to where it is using the school colors (Purple/Gold)?

Gilgamesh J.

Guided a tech dunce to setting up duo mobile.

Evelynne L

Evelynne is awesome! She has been so helpful during Cybersecurity Month. She has had a lot on her plate and hasn't hesitated to stop and help where needed. She made AMAZING backgrounds for Cybersecurity too! I really appreciate her vision, drive, and kind disposition. Thanks, Evelynne. 

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