Shout-out Wall for Q1 2023

Congratulations to our Q1 2023 Golden Gator Award Winners: Srikanth D., Elmer C., and John G.

Shout-out Recipients
January 1, 2023 - March 15, 2023 (Q1)


Srikanth D

Srikanth designed a method for scripting the Drupal 9 conversion in such a way that eliminated the need for constituent effort and could convert large blocks of sites in a single week. 218 websites were smoothly upgraded in under three months in stark contrast to the efforts required for Drupal 8. This represents a significant improvement in how ITS handles website upgrades and reduces the costs to the university has a whole while increasing constituent trust. 


Drupal 9 Upgrade Team

This is a shoutout for the entire Drupal 9 upgrade team: Srikanth Danapal, Lin Lee, William Mac, Evelynne Lee, Tram Tong, Xiong Feng Yu, Paul Valderama, and students Nishit Pachchigar and Jessica Sendejo. The Drupal 9 upgrade happened quickly and quietly over a period of three months--most of which was behind-the-scenes planning and scripting. During the execution phase, the team deftly communicated with constituents, transitioned sites in large blocks, tested each site to ensure accuracy, and then published. The result was a seamless transition from Drupal to Drupal 9.

Congratulations to the Drupal 9 migration team for a successful and skillful version upgrade.

Tram T

Tram assisted the Web team during our 2022 and 2023 push to complete the Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 migrations. Her diligent work ensured constituents without web development resources had their Drupal 8 sites migrated accurately. For Drupal 9, Tram helped test site migrations so that constituents were greeted with an error-free migration requiring no effort of their own. Drupal websites are a key part of the university's communication strategy and Tram's support ensured that both the university and ITS maintained a high standard of excellence. 

I'd like to personally thank Tram for her excellent teamwork.

Access Management (AM) 2020

I would like to acknowledge the core AM2020 project team for their dedication and hard work on this campus-wide three-year project from January 2020 to February 2023. They each had an important role in successfully completing this project which involved collaborating with over 1,000 faculty and staff in 52 units:

AM2020 Core Project Team
Shawn H
Michelle A
Michelle T
Ivan W
Andy W
Joey D
Bernie B
Jaime G

San Francisco State underwent a Chancellor’s Office (CO) mandated Information Security audit in Fall 2019. One of the observations noted that user access in Campus Solutions (CS) needed improvement. To resolve this finding, ITS designed job-related templates that grouped permissions based on the type of work performed. This new approach was approved by the CO and streamlined the CS access request and approval process. 

Thanks to the project team, we have met the following project goals:

* Improve the security of our data resources
* Improve the way campus community members request access
* Improve the response time and transparency of the request process
* Empower data owners to set, approve and annually review access to the data in their care

Matt Y

Matt Y has gone above and beyond what is required. He has been assisting with PM for the UC project under the Telecom team for several years. He also attends meetings with AT&T and helps with their invoices. In addition, after we recently hired a new person on the Network team, Matt has done the majority of the heavy lifting to help train and onboard the new person. And while doing all of this, Matt is always happy, professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Matt for all your hard work, it's great to have on the Network team!

Andrea G

We all know she's amazing, but it cannot be stated enough! Andrea is magic every time I need assistance or an answer.

Ming Z and Primo E

Completed development and implementation of Bursar's Dynamic Billing page, which is an important feature that further assists students experience when paying tuition.


Completed Enhancements to the Online Student Withdrawal Request app. Execution of tasks were first-rate and void of errors, which allowed us to make our deadlines.

Bernie B

Completed Enhancements to the Online Student Withdrawal Request app. Execution of tasks were first-rate and void of errors, which allowed us to make our deadlines.

Elmer C

Elmer is new to ITS and has done a great job coming up to speed and making himself a valued resource. His work on InTune ATP Defender for Servers and Windows Server 2022 Golden Image a testament to his abilities and productivity

John G

Hiring and Training up an impressive group of new student employees at the service desk. Then taking a step further and having the Service Desk student take responsibility for all tier 1 support for passwords, MFA support, and WiFi.

John G

John is a great leader to everyone at the service desk. I appreciate him always taking his time to explain and help us out when we have questions. He is always a calm presence that we are thankful for.

William M

I would like to acknowledge the dedication and hard work exemplified by William Mac. Our college has made many big web changes, and William has been very attentive and done a lot of work on the back end to make things go smoothly for us. He has worked late nights to make sure that we have everything we need.

Thank you so much to William Mac! Please give him a raise.

Alex K.

Alex is awesome. He works hard. He's always so fun to work with too. He always has a good attitude and a smile. His ticket turnaround time is impeccably fast. Any time I have an issue, Alex stops what he's doing to help me. He literally walked down to my physical desk when I was WFH to help with issues with my phone. He didn't have to do that on a Friday. He could've made me wait, but he's not that kinda guy. The ticket I submitted was barely an hour in. He's just the best. He definitely gets the "Andrea's Awesome Award" for sure. Thanks, Alex. 👏

Arsenio G H

James T

The MVP :)

James T

The best team lead ever! :)

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