Shout-out Wall for Q1 2024


Shout-out Recipients
January 2024 - March 2024 (Q1)


Supakit K and Shawn H

Distributed denial of service attack on the main web server occurred over the weekend of March 9th - 10th. This caused the server to be inaccessible to the public. The attack came from foreign & domestic IPs, which stressed out/maximized resources. With the help of the Systems team, foreign IPs were blocked, which restored services but was still slow with being hit by domestic IPs . The attack continued over the evening forcing to be taken down. Nat & Shawn worked over the weekend going through files and piecing together a timeline of the attack. They worked with the Systems team to get new firewall rules in place.

Evelynne L (Commencement move to mobile app)

With the request to have Commencement switch to using SF State's mobile app, Evelynne was instrumental in research, design, and configuring the module up for the January go live date requested with such short notice.

Calvin K

During the StarRez to Docusign integration, Calvin was asked to do some minor configuration on the StarRez system in preparation for a StarCare consultant to finish the bulk of the integration. On the service call, the StarCare consultant found that Calvin had completed nearly all of the integration on his own, including setting up the service account, generating the connector, mapping Docusign fields to StarRez, configuring form widgets in StarRez, and collaborated with QA to test all the forms. The call was ended early due to the lack of remaining work. This simplified the effort for both the HDCS and QA teams.

Picking up more work than was assigned and providing a quality result that simplified our SF State partners' project was a solid customer service win for ITS.

Calvin K

With a short timeframe to have the DocuSign to StarRez integration implemented, Calvin went above and beyond to research, configure, and test the DocuSign widgets within the StarRez systems.

He had to Coordinate with the Systems Department to establish a secured service account within DocuSign, work with Quality Assurance to link the widgets and corresponding data elements with the DocuSign forms, followed by intense testing / troubleshooting to ensure all forms are working.

Calvin successfully completed the integration project just in time before the Housing Application went live.

Elmer C

Elmer has been an exceptional leader in the Box migration project. He consistently goes above and beyond for our customers, demonstrating exceptional dedication and expertise. Moreover, he generously shares his knowledge within the team members, contributing significantly to our collective success. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside such an experienced and supportive teammate like Elmer.

Elmer C

Elmer has been exceptional in the efforts for the migration to Box. He has planned and configured all of the necessary items communicate and prepare and execute the migrations.

Elizabeth S

Elizabeth Stikkers has made an immense impact since joining ERP as Business Analyst. Shout out to her for taking on the complex needs of the Registrar and being able to communicate limitations of a system like PeopleSoft CS, and working collboratively with our developer, being able to come up with solutions that meets her and the students' needs. The project that allows students to change their bulletin years sounds simple, but was in fact laden with complexities and limitations. She was able to navigate this difficult terrain and implement something that is really of value. Bernie Brown was awesome too, and he's going to be getting a shout out in the next cycle!

Michelle A

Michelle has gone above and beyond her job role. She has helped us recruit 2 network engineers and is now helping us recruit a 3rd. This is while the PMO is severely understaffed. She's still attempting to fill in a role of her own and this is while Michelle Dacoco was out on maternity leave. The network team appreciates her great attitude, effort, and service.

John S and Ivan W

The introduction of new student-facing and admin-facing pages in PeopleSoft CS that allows staff the abulity to record and reporting of internship hours electronically. This has been a long-standing need for students and the project itself was more complex than anyone could have estimated. Ivan and John's patience and dedication to the project stidd out in this one.

Alex K

Support of Avaya and phone support if a question or issue arises. Responds quickly to all requests and comes up with solutions that work!

Supakit (Nat) K

In the category of Calm in the Eye of the Storm, Nat was the first ITS team member to respond to the web server alerts and identify an issue. He reached out to his leadership to ensure awareness but also continued to collaborate across ITS teams to help diagnose the issue and provide timely information on IP traffic volume to the web server during the March 16/17 DDOS attack. The information provided by Nat was used to formulate a response which, when implemented, allowed the WWW server to remain up for the rest of the day.

Alex K.

I believe in letting a supervisor know when someone on their team does a great job.

Alex has been helping us in Development this morning and I wanted to give him a big shout out.

His patience, expertise, and problems solving abilities have been greatly appreciated.

Kat M

Fantastic feedback from customers about her care and great troubleshooting ability.

Sterling S

Helping out Mashouf Wellness center with their improved digital signage project.   Thanks for going the extra mile to make sure they were successful.

Chase R, Shanshan L, and Elmer C

All of their excellent work with helping customer migrate from File Shares to Box.   The time and care for customer success has been awesome.

Ryan J and Alan Y

All the excellent hard work they did to prepare the Windows 11 upgrade for mass deployment

John G and Michelle M

Their hard work on the ServiceNow Vancouver upgrade.  They did a fantastic job of implementing the employee service center as our new service portal.


Allen W.

Allen is the pinnacle of a "behind-the-scenes wonder." He's always so quick to help at a minute's notice whenever I need support. I usually never know there's a problem until I need something quickly. Nevertheless, Allen makes sure to help me as quickly as he can. I greatly appreciate his support. I am glad Allen is a part of team ITS. We are lucky to have him. 

John G, Miguel G and Service Desk Team

Thank you for being excellent liaison and being pilot group for the Avaya ACD migration for the second time. Provided behind the scene hard work and important feedbacks. Thank you for the rest of the team being patience and help fine tune the user application. Once again thank for being our test bed again.

Basha N and Mujahid M

Both provide SUPERB expert level support during Avaya ACD Systems upgrades. Team show tremendous dedication and patience to get problem resolved. Most of all, both stay up late for this project. I mean next AM late. On behalf of Telecom Team want to thank you for their hard work.

Alan Y

Feeling unwell and working through lunch to make sure the Vice President of AF is up and running on his laptop is going beyond expectations.

Timothy C.

Organizes tasks to keep things on track
Troubleshoot situations
Gives feedback about how certain processes run
Comes up with ides to help process run better

Calvin K.

Troubleshoot situations
Gives feedback about how certain processes run
Lots of knowledge on backend processes

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