Shout-out Wall for Q4 2023

Q4 2023 Golden Gator Award winners are Cynthia H., Ming Z., and the student document upload team Nat K., James L., and Xiong Y.

Shout-out Recipients
October 2023 - December 2023 (Q4)


Timothy C.

Organizes tasks to keep things on track
Troubleshoot situations
Gives feedback about how certain processes run
Comes up with ides to help process run better

Calvin K.

Troubleshoot situations
Gives feedback about how certain processes run
Lots of knowledge on backend processes

Ryan J

Ryan Jodatian deserves recognition for his efforts in designing an upgrade package for Windows 10 to 11. GJ Ryan! He's a valued leader & wealth of knowledge.

Stephen L

Gateway avatar. Implemented first the OneCard image & additional options (spirit/Gator, and multi color schemes).
We've received positive feedback from students and the Gateway feedback form.

Ryan K & Elmer C

These two gentleman have shown exemplary knowledge and skill in executing the migration from Shared Drives' to Box. They're motivated to go above and beyond the expectation and for that I commend them.

Ryan Kincaid

Ryan provided unwavering vigilance in helping the security team to monitor for threats and was quick to notify us when there was something information security should review.  These alerts provided valuable details and helped to stop the threats more timely.  In addition Ryan was enthusiastically cooperative when the team required urgent assistance from the Systems team.  Thank you Ryan!!!

Allen W

I want to give Allen some kudos. I've hit up Allen directly several times for help with GroupMail. Allen always gets it done for me, pronto. I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts, Allen. Thank you for always being prompt and kind. 

Angel S

I want to thank Angel for being a real team player during our Halloween festivities. Angel helped to make that a fun event. He even got to be on camera the whole time since his photo was pinned for some reason. So, I want to say thanks, buddy. Sometimes, people don't realize how much energy it takes to be the ITS "hypeman." So, I appreciate you helping me host a fun event for the crew. No pressure for the winter holiday party or anything! 🤣

Cynthia H

I want to acknowledge Cynthia for her accomplishments in Q4! Thank you, Cynthia for all of your hard work!

  • One of the core project team members that was instrumental in completing the Securing Access to OnBase project. She was involved in testing devices, worked closely with the vendor to troubleshoot issues, created weekly reports for non-compliant devices and voluntarily drafted communications which was outside of her responsibilities
  • Responded to sophisticated phishing attack targeting direct deposits over the Thanksgiving holiday (she worked on Thanksgiving Day!)
  • Presented on ‘Avoiding Ransomware’ for Cybersecurity Awareness Month 
  • Hosted the Information Security table for Campus Safety Week
  • Provided tips on how to avoid phishing scams at the November Staff Forum
  • Participated in PCI self-assessment and readiness review with CampusGuard
  • Presented at monthly Information Security Community of Practice meetings 

Primo E

To support the University's Student Success Initiative, SAEM wanted a new feature that will allow advisors the ability to add classes that satisfy mandatory undergraduate requirements. Primo was the co-developer who developed the PeopleSoft Page and process that allows advisors the ability to add classes to students' shopping carts. This accomplishment is notible because there was a very short window to develop, test, and implement.

Ming Z

To support the University's Student Success Initiative, SAEM wanted a new feature that will allow advisors the ability to add classes that satisfy mandatory undergraduate requirements. Ming was the co-developer who developed the PeopleSoft Page and process that allows advisors the ability to add classes to students' shopping carts. This accomplishment is notible because there was a very short window to develop, test, and implement.

Ivan W

To support the University's Student Success Initiative, SAEM wanted a new feature that will allow advisors the ability to add classes that satisfy mandatory undergraduate requirements. As a result, Ivan conceived a process that will allow advisors the ability to add these classes to students/ shopping carts, so that students can automatically add them during their enrollment period. Adding this feature will save Advising and Records Offices an immense amount of time spent corrdinating and manually enrolling these students.

Chase R

Chase has been a pillar of support in the Box Migration project, he has provided support to departments beyond their dedicated support window. I am glad to have him as a part of our team and project.

John G

John Guido has ventured in the Vancouver upgrade as a new Admin for ServiceNow as a guide and knowledge sharing star. John has a respect for process, an understanding of users needs and a translator of issues/concerns to guides, processes and now managing and configuring ServiceNow. Thank you for taking on this challenged and for being a great member or our Service Desk team.

Arsenio H

He is very hard working and extend his services beyond working hours. He has keen eyes on every task assign and make sure that all pass expectations.

David L

He's our one-one wonder he perform task that is unimaginable. Inspite of being the only person in his group, he always make sure that all tasked are taken care of ahead of schedule. He is rigid and full of enthusiasms on every task assign. He can be a future leader of a bigger group.

Ivan W

He is our walking encyclopedia... very knowledgeable, accommodating and reliable. He works hard to provide guidance to the team and he extend his hand to any issue on hand.

Hugh H

When you need something to be fixed... we all know who to call to.. the most experience person in ERP/BI team

Primo E

He is always pro-active taking task whenever needed and make sure that all stones are turn to make the project work as planned

Ming Z

She assist whenever she can and make sure that we do our job easier.

Andrea G

Andrea is the queen of communications! Her assistance before, during and after Cybersecurity Awareness Month was invaluable. Andrea created interesting weekly captions to be included in the Campus Memo, updated the ITS website with the latest News, and tweeted out updates that kept the ITS feed active. Andrea's ability to create attention grabbing headlines is second to none, and I would be lost without her attention to detail, ensuring all the 'i's are dotted and the 't's are crossed!

Student Document Upload

Xiong Y jumped into his new roll with both feet by picking up the Box CLI scripting discovery and quickly pivoting to building out a simple way for admitted students to drop admissions documents into the Gateway for automatic indexing into OnBase. This mighty little tool will save the Admissions team a large number of hours that used to be spent pulling documents from email attachments and manually pushing them into OnBase and indexing them. Along the way, Xiong received assistance from fellow travelers Nat K and James L who built out the Gateway front end and conducted code reviews of the Box scripts. I'd like to give Xiong, Nat, and James a hearty thank you and Shout Out for their process improvement efforts benefitting SF State enrollment activities.


There wasn't "all of the above" option. James Tran is one of the most dedicated employees I've had the pleasure to work with. James is always willing to find out what can be done is chaotic situations. Chaotic as in summer conference season operations. Since James has historical knowledge of areas of campus like the residential community, his presence is invaluable.

Srikanth D

I've had the privilege of collaborating with Srikanth for several years, and his consistent positive attitude has been invaluable. His exceptional problem-solving skills, unwavering commitment to learning, and his ability to effectively teach others have left a lasting impression. I want to give a shout out to Srikanth for his dedicated efforts on all our past, ongoing and upcoming projects.

William M

A campus partner was submitting an event to the University calendar but when they added Spanish accented letters to the event description box, it would delete the accented letters. I reached out to ITS and let William know about the issue and he helped make sure it was added to the project queue. I appreciate William's leadership and willingness to always walk us through any issue at hand and figure out the best solution. I was confident the issue was being handled. Now the University calendar accepts accented letters making it even more inclusive!

Rebecca D & Supakit K

I was having trouble with Spotlight since the post wouldn't publish after I saved it. Rebecca and Supakit hopped on a teams call immediately and we got it all sorted out. I appreciated their readiness to help and test out what was happening with my post. They went above and beyond the call. I know I can count on them if I ever have an issue.

Evelynne L

Evelynne is amazing. Not only is she a UX genius, but her illustration skills mean that Cybersecurity Awareness Month always has the best zoom backgrounds. Thank you so much for enriching this month with your spooky creativity!

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