Project Status

Title Description Requested By Status Start Date Delivery Date
2FA for SF State Community Members, New Faculty, and Emeritus Two-factor authentication (2FA) for all SF State Community Members, new faculty, and emeritus accounts. Completion of this project will require users to go through an additional authentication step when accessing SF State web applications and services. Information Technology Services Closed 06/08/2022 11/11/2022
2FA for SF State Students Two-factor authentication (2FA) for all SF State Student accounts. Completion of this project will require users to go through an additional authentication step when accessing web applications and services that are behind the SF State Global Login page. Information Technology Services Closed 04/01/2021 04/25/2022
Access Management 2020 Improve the access management process with a focus on the constituent experience and security Information Technology Services Closed 01/24/2020 02/20/2023
Automated Call Distribution (ACD) Migration Migrate the campus' varying Automated Call Distribution (ACD) centers (NEC, old Avaya, Twilio, and 8x8) to the new Avaya ACD system to streamline the campus phone system and reduce the number of phone lines, effectively reducing costs across campus. Information Technology Services Closed 11/17/2022 06/25/2024
Campus Migration to Cloud Storage Migrate all departments' data from Departmental Shares and Secure Departmental Shares to Information Technology Services Closed 03/01/2023 05/31/2024
Classroom Phone Migration Replace and update all classroom phones to the campus' new Avaya phone system Information Technology Services Closed 07/18/2022 11/10/2022
Cloud MS Azure SSO and Self-Service Password Reset Implement MS Azure Active Directory Cloud Single Sign On (SSO) and expand to all users for Office 365 only. Implement Azure Self-Service Password Reset. Information Technology Services Closed 06/01/2021 08/25/2023
Migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Migration of SF State websites from Drupal 7 to new template and Drupal 8 platform Information Technology Services Closed 03/15/2020 01/26/2023
Rebuild FABS Database Server Rebuild the end-of-life Windows FABS Database server by creating a new server from scratch and moving the FABS database from the old server to the new. Information Technology Services Executing 03/01/2024 10/01/2024
SF State Single Sign-On Login Change Modify the SF State Single Sign-On (SSO) service to improve login security and reliability and present a unified SSO user interface. Information Technology Services Closed 02/01/2023 06/06/2023
SSO Integrations Migration to Azure Migrate ~180 SSO Integrations from Shibboleth to MS Azure SSO Information Technology Services Executing 05/01/2023 07/31/2024
Unified Communications Replace legacy telecommunication services creating greater stability and add modern features Information Technology Services Closed 06/15/2018 07/30/2022
Upgrade Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 Servers Upgrade Linux servers version 7 to version 8 before they reach EOL and lose security updates on 12/2/24 Information Technology Services Executing 04/08/2024 12/02/2024

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