2FA for SF State Students

Two-factor authentication (2FA) for all SF State Student accounts. Completion of this project will require users to go through an additional authentication step when accessing web applications and services that are behind the SF State Global Login page.

This project includes GTAs, enrolled students, and continuing education students. Deliverables include a standardized process for incoming students to sign up to two-factor authentication as part of their SF State email account setup.


  • Enable Duo Two-Factor Authentication for all student accounts that access: SF State managed applications containing level 1 data, SSO (Single Sign-On), VPN, Privileged accounts that manage cloud applications. 

  • Improve security posture

  • Reduce compromised accounts due to phishing attacks 


Related projects: 2FA Staff (completed), 2FA Faculty (completed), 2FA Student, 2FA Community Members

Requested By

Information Technology Services



Start Date

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Delivery Date

Monday, April 25, 2022

Who Will This Impact?

  • All Students