Access Management 2020

Improve the access management process with a focus on the constituent experience and security

Why are we doing this? 

San Francisco State underwent a Chancellor’s Office (CO) mandated Information Security audit in Fall 2019. One of the observations noted that user access in Campus Solutions (CS) needed improvement. To resolve this finding by the audit due date, Information Technology Services (ITS) is designing job-related templates that group permissions based on the type of work performed. This new approach was approved by the Chancellor’s Office and will streamline the CS access request and approval process. Successfully implementing this approach will involve collaborating with faculty and staff across campus.

Our goals

  • Improve the security of our data resources
  • Improve the way campus community members request access
  • Improve the response time and transparency of the request process
  • Empower data owners to set, approve and annually review access to the data in their care

Status Update:

Project extended through November 2022 to accommodate the needs of impacted SF State units and resource limitations. 

Requested By

Information Technology Services



Start Date

Friday, January 24, 2020

Delivery Date

Monday, February 20, 2023

Who Will This Impact?

  • Faculty
  • Staff