Unified Communications

Replace legacy telecommunication services creating greater stability and add modern features

Unified Communication is an architecture that integrates, unites, and connects traditionally diverse modes of communications. 


  • More efficient collaboration between campus and remote workers  
  • User mobility offers more convenience by permitting access from anywhere, anytime, on any device, using one connection  
  • Higher level of connectedness through instant messaging where peers can see your presence status (busy, away, etc.)
  • Increased productivity -  you can get back to your customers faster  
  • Toll free campus and local voice/video calls


Auxiliary Costs or Additional Services


UC Setup Cost


Avaya VoIP J139 4-button set

$349.28 $8.13

Avaya VoIP J179 8-button set 

$ 468.28 $8.13

Avaya VoIP J179 8-button set w/expansion module

$656.45 $8.13

IP Softphone  Application (SFSU laptop or mobile device)

$150.20 $8.13

Avaya VoIP  B179 Conference Phone

$698.87 $16.21

Avaya ACD J179 Phone


Avaya AAFD   Softphone Application


Avaya J179   Phone and AAFD Softphone Application


Analog extension (Alarm, Modem, Fax)

$158.16 $12.22

Voice Mailbox     

$98.00 $0.00

Virtual Extension

$238.00 $2.07

*Note: MRC is the monthly recurring cost. Setup costs associated with the migration will not be charged to departments funded by the Campus General Fund.

As of June 30, 2022, all campus buildings have been migrated. 
Migrations of classroom phones and Automated Call Distribution (ACD) phone lines are underway.



Migration Completed

Downtown Campus

September 2020

Main Campus & RTC Pre-Pilot

January 2021

Main Campus Pilot

February 2021

Romberg Tiburon Campus

February 2021

Manzanita Square

February 2021

ITS - Business Services, Security, PMO

February 2021


February 2021


March 2021

LCA - Classroom/Conf Phones

March 2021

ITS - Endpoint, Cloud, Systems

March 2021

OAD - Second Floor

March 2021

Business Building

April 2021

ECEC - Early Childhood

April 2021

Academic Technology

April 2021

7 Hills Conference and Dining Center

April 2021


April 2021

Mary Park Hall

April 2021

Mary Ward Hall

April 2021

Towers Conference Center & Towers

May 2021

Admin and Finance Leadership

May 2021

New Admin, Floors 1 & 2

June 2021

The Village at Centennial Square

June 2021

Corp Yard

July 2021

Thornton Hall, Greenhouse & Trailers

July 2021

New Admin, Floors 3-5

August 2021

Hensill Hall

September 2021

Mashouf Wellness Center

September 2021

Student Services Building

October 2021

Ethnic Studies & Psychology

November , 2021

Fine Arts

December 2021


December 2021


January 2022

Burk Hall

February - March 2022

Creative Arts

March 2022

Health and Social Sciences

March - April 2022

Cesar Chavez Student Center and Bookstore

 May 2022

Student Health Center

July 2022


Requested By

Information Technology Services



Start Date

Friday, June 15, 2018

Delivery Date

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Who Will This Impact?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Other Constituents with campus telephones