Unified Communications (UC) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is a suite of  technical tools that integrates, unites, and connects traditionally diverse modes of communication onto a single system.


What is the ultimate goal of the Unified Communications Project?

The ultimate goal of the UC project is to replace SF State’s current legacy telephone system with an enterprise communications platform.


Why do we need to replace the current telephone system?

The current telephone system is a non-mainstream system that is end-of-life.


Who is responsible for the project?

Information Technology Services' Telecommunications team is leading the project. 


What are the benefits of replacing the current telephone system?

  • More efficient collaboration between campus and remote workers
  • User mobility offers more convenience by permitting access from anywhere, anytime, on any device, using one connection
  • Higher level of connectedness. Instant message is just that: instant; your peers can see your presence status (in meeting, busy, on vacation, etc.)
  • Increased productivity -  you can get back to your customers faster

When will this affect me?

Migrations will be rolled out in phases starting in Fall 2020. The sequence and duration of migrated services has internal and external non-technical and technical dependencies that will be taken into consideration when the migration schedule is developed.


When will this project be completed?

ITS is planning to complete migrations and systematically decommission the old telecommunication services by July 2022.


What will this cost me/my department?

Campus General Fund (GF) departments will be migrated to similar services types and quantities without additional cost.

Auxiliary and self-supported units will be charged back for services requested. The chargeback methodology and service fees will be posted on the project website and discussed with migrating departments/users prior to migration.


Where can I get help?

ITS will provide training and technical support. All questions and issues should be sent to the ITS Service Desk via email: service@sfsu.edu  


Will my phone number change?

No. Campus phone numbers will remain the same.


Can I keep my phone?

Under UC architecture, users will be switching to a softphone to save costs and increase their mobility. Softphones may be used on any SFSU-issued and -supported device. A softphone is a software application that performs phone functions. The software is installed on an internet-connected device.

Users who prefer a desk phone can request a new phone comparable to the desk phone they are using today. Any feature changes may be subject to additional license and service fees.


Do I need to set a new voicemail recording?

Yes. Users will need to change an initial PIN, record personal greetings, and record their name when they first access their new voicemail box. Users will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to setup their new voicemail online.


Can I check voicemails or faxes via email, online, or remotely?

Yes. Voicemail may be checked by dialing a campus voicemail number and using your Access PIN, or through email by logging into your SFSU email account. Please note that voicemail messages on the old system will not be accessible once voicemail has migrated to the new system.


What if I forgot my voicemail box PIN?

Users will be able to reset their voicemail PIN and password via a self-service web portal.


Can I just use a softphone?

Yes. Users are highly encouraged to use the softphone application in lieu of a desk phone.


What will happen to other campus communication tools?

Existing campus communication tools, such as Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams will not be affected, and will continue to be available for campus use. 


I have a Call Center. Will that be affected?

Yes. ITS has initiated engagement with campus contact centers. All contact centers that currently use Automated Call Distribution (ACD) software will be migrated to a new ACD platform.


Have another UC question? Please email service@sfsu.edu.