Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Service Description

SF State provides a secure VPN for faculty and staff to access protected on-campus resources. Accounts for all faculty and staff are automatically provisioned as part of the on-boarding process.

SF State’s VPN has two purposes: It enables campus users to send and receive data across a public network as if their device is directly connected to the campus network, and adds two factor authentication for high security services. VPN is needed:

  1. When accessing a service restricted to use on campus networks or subnets. Examples: Departmental shares/servers, OnBase, Appworx, Windows/Office authentication, and Active Directory access
  2. When accessing services that store Level 1 data (two-factor authentication required). Example: Departmental secure shares
  3. When administering servers/applications. Examples: SSH, Oracle, and server maintenance
  4. By PeopleSoft developers with privileged access


  • Faculty
  • Staff

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