Information Security Training

Service Description

CSU policy requires annual information security training for all employees that access Level 1 data. The CSU Learn System is centrally managed by the Chancellor’s Office and is the tool used to deliver the annual baseline security training for Data Security and FERPA (student record privacy).

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All employees are required to take the annual training. In addition, users must provide a current copy of their Data Security and FERPA certificate of completion before access is granted to the following systems:

  • CFS
  • CS, EAB
  • DOA
  • FDW
  • HR
  • VPN or SEC shares that access/store Level 1 data


Managers and supervisors are responsible for monitoring mandatory training completion for their employees. The Information Security Office will escalate the names of employees who are non-compliant with the Data Security and FERPA training to appropriate management for corrective action.

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