ITS Q4 2021 Accomplishments

January 14, 2022

ITS accomplished numerous goals during Q4 and throughout 2021. We continue to support our students and campus by implementing the smartest technological advances ensuring success from any location. ITS believes we are “stronger together,” even as we continue to navigate the return to campus process and the continuation of hybrid learning.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Automatically enforced 2FA for all incoming students when creating an SF State email account
  • Improved 2FA Bypass Code security questions to provide an easy secondary login option for users
  • Modified 2FA automatic enforcement to align with Service Desk support hours
  • Updated the 2FA Bypass Code knowledge base article to reduce Service Desk tickets

Security Awareness and Improvements

  • 2,191 individual compromised email accounts and 1,082 TAR requests for the 2021 calendar year
  • 406 individual compromised email accounts and 208 Technology Acquisition Review (TAR) requests for Q4
  • Co-sponsored a “Fight the Phish” webinar and online Kahoot! game with CSU Long Beach, CSU Channel Islands, and San Jose State on October 26, 2021. Industry expert Aaron Higbee, from Cofense, presented new techniques used by scammers/phishers and ways to avoid being a casualty
  • Completed Campus Active Directory Domain Controllers upgrade to Windows Server 2019
  • Completed Linux security update for SF State Global Login and Oracle Development Databases
  • Completed migration of the firewall log sources to the new syslog server
  • Completed security role configuration for the StarRez Conference and Short Stay module implementations
  • Completed SF State Single Sign-On (SSO) integration for Blackbaud, LabArchive and Get Inclusive cloud service
  • Created a Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021 website
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities took place throughout the month of October 2021
  • Deleted 370,000 dormant user accounts from campus Active Directory (AD) October 15, 2021
  • Deleted an additional 130,000 dormant accounts on November 19, 2021
  • Presented Cybersecurity Champion awards: 36 Champion awards for reporting more than 100 suspicious emails, and 13 Elite Champion awards for reporting over 200 suspicious emails
  • Raised the domain and forest functional levels for campus AD
  • Rolled out the October Cybersecurity Awareness Month campaign: ‘Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.’ Learn more about how to protect yourself and your data and download the cool Teams/Zoom backgrounds to show your support for cybersecurity at SF State at 
  • Spotlighted Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the SF State Mobile App

Campus Email Developments

  • Automated a welcome message highlighting campus IT offerings to all new students’ SF State email addresses 
  • Removed automated email forwarding for all employees and blocked emails impersonating sent from third-party email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Completed the new Downtown Campus (Spear Street) cabling work
  • Completed the Spear Street Downtown campus network, which is up and fully functional

“Stronger Together” COVID Assistance

  • Completed Point and Click (PnC) to Campus Solutions (CS) Student and Employee Vaccination Integration – Phase 2
  • Provided WiFi hotspots and Chromebooks for hosting city vaccination site on campus 

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)

  • Completed the workflow process for HEERF equipment distribution
  • Distributed HEERF headsets and webcams
  • Provided 100 donated headsets to the Library to make available to students
  • Started distributing HEERF-funded laptops to eligible staff 

Student Health Services (SHS) Advances

  • Completed Campus Health Access Management Program (CHAMP) Phase 1 (previously SHIMS v2.0) and terminated the Connectria contract
  • 'Extended in-house printing to all SHS shared all-in-ones and laptops which allowed us to move off the Connectria print server
  • Installed all Exam Room and Shared Workspace computers at SHS to transition off Connectria virtual desktops
  • Setup printer servers in SHS to enable printing in health center

Gateway Portal Upgrades

  • Developed Gateway Social Media icons
  • Launched the SF State Gateway’s Take a Tour improvements and added social media icons on October 7, 2021 

Mobile App Updates

  • Completed Appsian Mobile Platform Upgrade from version 3.46 to 21B on October 29, 2021, which streamlined the user interface (UI) and improved accessibility

Unified Communications

  • Completed initial soft and hard phone activations at Spear Street
  • Completed Unified Communications (UC) migrations for Mashouf Wellness Center September 21, 2021
  • Completed Unified Communications (UC) migrations for Student Services Building October 29, 2021
  • Completed Unified Communications (UC) migrations for Ethnic Studies & Psychology November 19, 2021
  • Completed Unified Communications (UC) migrations for Fine Arts December 10, 2021
  • Completed Unified Communications (UC) migrations for Gym December 22, 2021

Student Success

  • Completed build of Enrollment Reporting System (ERS) Attachment E Report for Enrollment Reporting Student Applicant (ERSA) reporting
  • Updated the Class Schedule application to highlight Instruction Mode search options and results
  • Updated Class Schedule to include additional options for in-person Instruction Mode

Drupal 8

  • Added Vimeo videos to pattern lab and Drupal 8 code base
  • 39 sites went live in Drupal 8, with 105 sites remaining to be migrated
  • Upgraded Drupal 8 with the latest security patches on October 12, 2021

ServiceNow Integrations and Revisions

  • Completed SumTotal Data Load for ServiceNow Integration
  • Released ServiceNow updates for OnBase items
  • Updated Firewall rule requests in Service Catalog
  • Upgrade test instance in preparation for ServiceNow Rome upgrade

California Higher Education Collaborative Conference (CHEC)

  • ITS was named a recipient of two 2021 Focus on Efficiency awards. This annual award is given by the California Higher Education Collaborative (CHEC) to organizations which have implemented innovative practices to improve operational performance, services, and outcomes in higher education.
  • Received CHEC Focus on Efficiency Award for knowledge management implementation
  • Received CHEC Focus on Efficiency Award for leveraging PeopleSoft's Automatic Workflow Engine (AWE) to ensure continuity for students transitioning to a remote learning environment

ITS Trainings Sessions

  • Completed the first StarRez Conference and Short Stay training session with StarCare and Housing, Dining, and Conference Services (HDCS)
  • Completed OnBase Service Catalog training sessions for end users
  • Completed ServiceNow knowledge base setup for Procurement and provided training

New Faces of ITS

  • Hired a User Experience (UX) Designer, Evelynne Lee