ITS Q2 2022 Accomplishments

Author: Staff Writer
July 12, 2022

ITS accomplished multiple technological improvements during Q2 of 2022. Our team continuously strives to ensure SF State is up to date with the most advanced technology. We care about student success, cybersecurity, and top-notch educational progress for our Gators. ITS thanks the hardworking staff, leadership, and campus colleagues for their ongoing support and dedication to advancement in technology. Our University continues to flourish as we build a better future hand in hand.

Communities of Practice

  • Hosted an Information Security Working Group Communities of Practice meeting
  • Hosted Service Management Community of Practice and provided input to Workstation Community of Practice


  • Completed integration of Broker to sync COVID-19 immunization data between Campus Solutions (CS) and Human Resources Management System (HRMS) on May 27, 2022

Drupal 8

  • Built a virtual tour component for all Drupal 8 sites
  • Completed JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data feed providing College of Extended Learning (CEL) class schedule information to Drupal

Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds (HEERF)

  • Deployed a cumulative total of 375 laptops and 630 monitors as part of the HEERF laptop distribution project
  • Launched survey to supported users to gather information on users’ experience with HEERF computer refresh process

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Changed provisioning of new accounts to use the updated format
  • Completed campus Domain Name System (DNS) service software updates
  • Completed speed improvements to the Look Up SF State ID app
  • Completed StarRez Conference Module Single Sign On (SSO) integration
  • Completed StarRez Conference Module/Short Stay project on Jun 17, 2022
  • Completed the Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (ePBCS) report in Tableau
  • Completed the Print Server migration from Academic Technology (AT) to ITS VMware infrastructure
  • Improved user provisioning for community members by moving the data source to PeopleSoft
  • Reinstalled Office 365 Zoom add-on to enable its use with Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  • Rolled out Privileged Access workstations for access to IT services
  • Rolled out Sympa listserv (Mailman replacement)
  • Transitioned VMware backups from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Wasabi cloud service
  • Updated “universal” username format SF-State-ID @; email address as a login name is still supported
  • Updated Avaya server certificates with AT&T
  • Upgraded and installed DTEN screens in twenty-three conference rooms in Administration (ADM), Student Health Services (SHS), Corp Yard, and Housing. This will allow for hybrid meeting spaces.

OnBase Improvements

  • Completed OnBase DIP Server Migration to version EP3
  • Deployed OnBase EP3 and updated OnBase clients
  • Implemented OnBase HR DocuSign integration improvements on May 10, 2022

Security Enhancements

  • 169 compromised email accounts and 260 Technology Acquisition Review (TAR) requests 
  • Assisted Student Health Services (SHS) with access requests to OneDrive for storing HIPAA data and completed UPS monitoring setup for print servers
  • Completed Azure Active Directory integration to support hardware key password login
  • Completed emergency security patching to mitigate critical security vulnerabilities
  • Completed initial round of Zone Protection Profile (ZPP) updates on the Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Border Firewalls (FWs)
  • Completed last round of Zone Protection Profile (ZPP) updates on the Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Border Firewalls (FWs)
  • Completed re-organization of software distribution groups in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to support new Student Health Services (SHS) security collections
  • Completed secure email integration for Anthology Software as a Service (SaaS) used by Metro
  • Completed Single Sign On (SSO) integrations for VMOCK, SPIN, and TRM software services
  • Completed update to security questions/answers settings page to reduce service requests
  • Deprovisioned 9,000 dormant accounts
  • Enabled new firewall rules for the iD Tech summer camp wired network
  • Enhanced ServiceNow Duo inbound email processing for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) temporary code requests
  • Implemented Host Implementation Profile (HIP) on the PAN DR FWs
  • Implemented Single Sign On (SSO) for InfoEd and StarRez Conference services 
  • Improved email security by disabling legacy protocols in Office 365 on April 1, 2022
  • Migrated Duo 2FA user provisioning from on-prem to Cloud Azure Active Directory
  • Removed Office 365 “backend” external email forwarding for all users
  • Resolved access issues to the Axis surveillance system for University Police Department (UPD)
  • Successfully upgraded Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Firewalls (FWs): Border, Disaster Recovery (DR), and the Panorama appliance software, to fix a security issue
  • Successfully upgraded the software on the University Police Department (UPD) and Department of Justice (DOJ) PAN FWs to address the OpenSSL infinite loop vulnerability

SF State Mobile App

  • Completed automation of the mobile app Spotlight feature and moved to production June 21, 2022

Student Success

  • Provided tech support for Accepted Students Day

Unified Communications (UC) Project

  • Completed UC migrations for Cesar Chavez/Student Union
  • Completed UC migrations for Health & Social Sciences (HSS)
  • Completed UC migrations for Student Health Services (SHS)

Wi-Fi Updates & Upgrades

  • Completed setup of the new Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service cluster for guest networks
  • Configured network devices to allow Facilities to attach irrigation devices to SF State’s Wi-Fi
  • Created new wireless network for the Upward Bound summer program
  • Prepared internet and Wi-Fi in University Park South (UPS) apartments for summer occupancy