If It Looks Phishy, It Probably Is.

Author: Staff Writer
October 23, 2023

If scammers cast out a line, you don’t have to bite! Information Technology Services (ITS) is here to help you avoid falling for tricks by staying one step ahead of the criminals.  

The first step is being in the know. So, what is phishing anyway? Phishing is when criminals use fake emails, social media posts or direct messages to lure you to click on a bad link or download a malicious attachment. If you click on a phishing link or file, you can hand over your personal information to cybercriminals. A phishing scheme can also install malware onto your device. 

No need to fear your inbox, though. Fortunately, avoiding a scam email is easy, but only once you know what to look for. With some knowledge, you can outsmart the phishers every day. 

Follow the ITS week four page for Cybersecurity Awareness Month for details on how to avoid a phishing attack. Read the ITS “Phish Bowl” article for the latest examples and samples of scam emails.