Cyber Security Wall of Champions

One of the best ways to Do Your Part, #Be Cyber Smart is to report suspicious Email. SF State has a long list of Cyber Security Champions who regularly report suspicious emails using the PhishMe Reporter in Outlook.

Take a moment to review SF State’s Cyber Security Champions who have reported over 100 suspicious emails in the past 3 years. The list is sorted by highest to lowest.



Rosa Barragan

Capital Project Management 

Brian Aday

COL OF BUS - Hospitality & Tourism Management

Wafa Rashdan

Auxiliary Accounting 

Reji Titus

ITS/Information Security

Charlotte Tate

COL OF SCI - Psychology

Charlene Gee

Auxiliary Accounting 

John R Wilson


Florence Yap

Undergrad Admissions & Recruitment

Misty Kuhn

COL OF SCI - Chemistry

Karl Schackne

Academic Technology 

Gloria Tseung

Fiscal Affairs Accounting

Simone Nelson

CA-Entertainment Initiative

Alex N Sanchez

Development Office

Kristine L Caratan

COL OF BUS - Accounting

Scott Nemes

ITS/Customer Services

Edwin Critchlow

Budget Admin & Operations 

Lori Brooks

ITS/Customer Services

Alexis Wilson

ITS/AVP's Office 

John Blair

COL OF SCI - Biology

Michael Cramer


Ken Piper


Jiyoung Cha

COLL. LCA - Broadcast Communication Arts

Grace K. Mai

Human Resources

Nancy Gerber

COL OF SCI - Chemistry

Jason Seto

Undergrad Admissions & Recruitment

Nancy Trinh


Ericka Jackson

Human Resources

Mindy Chui

Undergrad Admissions & Recruitment

Rebecca Diaz

ITS/Web & Mobile

Joseph D Adkins

Library Administration

Jacqueline Green

Bursar's Office

Joseph Benjamin Agosto

Tiburon Center

Bao Manh Tong

Academic Operations 

Atanas Maximov

CEL Administration

Jill Anthes

Capital Project Management 


Monday, October 05, 2020