2019 Cyber Security Awareness Month

2019 Cyber Security Awareness Presentation (PDF)

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Every October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, recognized by government and industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.   

This year, the emphasis is on personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity at home and at work/on campus. The shared message is Own IT.  Secure IT. Protect IT.

These resources below will help you create positive, lasting, cybersecurity habits.

Own IT

Secure IT

Protect IT




Traveling Tips (PDF)

Strong Password (PDF)

Social Media Bots (PDF)

Online Privacy (PDF)

Multi-Factor Authentication (PDF)

Be Secure (PDF)

Social Media (PDF)

Work Secure (PDF)

Theft and Scams (PDF)

Internet of Things (PDF)

Phishing (PDF)

Your Digital Home (PDF)


Monday, September 23, 2019