2023 Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Celebrating 20 Years Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Kick-Off:  Celebrating the 20th Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This October marks the 20th Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and it presents the perfect moment to reflect on how far we’ve come and how much more we want to accomplish! October is dedicated to ensuring everyone has the resources to stay safe and secure online.

Still, there is more to do. The public and private sectors continue to come together to secure technology, protect critical infrastructure and bridge the cybersecurity careers gap. In honor of 20 years of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, elected officials, government leaders and industry executives will join to examine how far we’ve come and look at where we need to go.

This year, the Cybersecurity Awareness Month’s main focal areas revolve around four key fundamental cybersecurity best practices:

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication on personal devices and business networks.
  • Understanding the benefits of using a password manager and dispelling existing myths around password manager security and ease of use.
  • Installing software updates on a regular basis and turning on automated updates.
  • Recognizing and reporting phishing –still one of the primary threat actions used by cybercriminals today.


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