Project Request

Information Technology Services (ITS) requires a Project Request Form for projects that require ITS resources. A project request may be submitted by current campus community affiliates, in conjunction with a department VP as the Executive Sponsor. Therefore, projects requiring ITS resources should be approved by your department VP prior to submission of the Project Request Form.

A Project:

  • Creates a unique product, service, or result.
  • Complies with relevant laws, policies, and regulations.
  • Is temporary in nature, with a fixed starting and ending point.

To Submit a Project:

  • Use the sizing matrix below to determine the estimated size of your project. 
  • For small enhancements and operational changes, please use the SFSU ServiceNow request form or submit your request via email to ""
  • To submit a medium or large project request, select the "ITS Project Request Form" button below. If you are unsure of the size, use the "ITS Project Request Form" button.
  • Once the form is submitted, the ITS PMO will work with ITS Management to evaluate the request and seek approval to begin the project.







Project Team Size (FTE) 1-2 2-5 6+
Departments One One to Two At least three. Cross-functional team required
Complexity Simple, requirements should be understood through an email Requirements should be understood by ITS through one meeting involving one or two customers Requirements need to be gathered through multiple meetings with a variety of stakeholders throughout campus 
Resolution Time < 80 managed hours 80-480 managed hours >480 managed hours
Deadline Flexible. Low impact Somewhat flexible. Some impact Fixed. Significant impact
Cost Uses existing resources. No additional budget Requires budget up to $49,999 Budget at least $50,000
Resource Scarcity* No competing requests. Little to no impact on scarce resources Resource limited. Increased analysis and consideration of alternatives Resource intensive. Significant impact
Risk / Visibility Low Risk. Project can revert to prior state easily. Little to no negative impact on stakeholders Moderate risk. Project can revert back with some downtime and loss of use. Failure may create moderate inconvenience and visibility High risk. High visibility. Significant impact on work processes. 

* Resource scarcity can include key project participants with impacted schedules or new technology requiring skills and experience not currently available to the project team.


Questions regarding projects? Contact the PMO at