Xerox MFD Guide

SF State has a managed print contract with Xerox. The contract provides SF State a selection of Multi-Function Devices (MFD) with copy/scan/fax functions that can be requested and deployed across campus. Under the managed print program, devices and supplies (excluding paper) are managed by Xerox.



Order a Xerox MFD


SF State has selected six Xerox MFD models. These include the Workcenter 3655, 6655, 5945, 5955, 7225 and 7835. A comparison of these models can be found in the SF State Xerox Configuration Detail spreadsheet.

Standard features on all machines include:

  • Default double sided printing
  • OCR PDF compatible scans
  • SMTPS scan to e-mail
  • SMB3 scan to share
  • Meet ADA requirements


Charges are per impression (e.g., print, copy, or received fax) and are subject to change based on annual review. Current costs are $.055 for black and white impressions and $.45 for color impressions. Each side counts as an impression and 11x17" is the same cost as 8.5x11".


Megan Dobbyn from Procurement coordinates the ordering and distribution of Xerox MFDs under the managed print contract. To order a device, email Megan ( with the following information:

  • The device model to be ordered including any optional features (e.g., fax or hole punch)
  • The room location
  • The network jack number where the device will be installed
  • The IP address designated for the device
  • Order type: Replacing existing copier/fax/printer (specify machine type and estimated print output volume), or new machine not replacing existing equipment

Receive Xerox Supplies

Devices in the Xerox managed print program are managed by Xerox and should receive pro-active supply replacements. When a cartridge/collection bin has 25% capacity remaining, the device will automatically send notification for a replacement. You can also visit the Campus Xerox Portal to place and inquire about orders.

Get Assistance with a Xerox MFD

Billing Assistance

Billing for the Xerox managed print contract is handled by the Accounting team. For assistance with billing questions, contact Cecillia Hermogeno at 338-2390 or

Xerox MFD Settings

Most device settings are managed by Xerox using the standard configuration needed to stay connected to central management. Device changes that require the admin password and are consistent with the campus-wide configuration standard can be completed by Information Technology Services (ITS). Some of the changes ITS can make include setting up accounting codes, initial population of the address book, and scan to email/share configuration. To request a change to your Xerox MFD settings please submit a service request that includes the device IP address.

Xerox MFD Malfunction

Minor problems, such as paper jams, can generally be resolved locally. User guides and video tutorials are available on the Device Information tab of the Campus Xerox Portal.

For more serious issues, contact Xerox directly either through the Campus Xerox Portal, by phone at 877.204.5511, or by e-mail at Note: Xerox machines are proactively monitored by Xerox and technicians may arrive to troubleshoot an error code before it becomes apparent to device users.

How To...

Setup a Xerox MFD

Upon delivery, Xerox technicians will complete basic setup of the device. To do this, they will need:

  • The static IP address to be assigned to the device
  • The fax number if applicable
  • An Excel file with the initial address book entries (see Setup or Update the Address Book).

Additionally, the static IP address will need to be whitelisted before the device can be used to scan to e-mail or a share drive. Campus IT support can submit Footprints tickets for:

  • Network Jack activation
  • Static IPs
  • Whitelisting (quick ticket)
  • Initial address book load
  • Accounting setup (print and copy codes) - please complete and attach the Xerox Accounting Setup spreadsheet
  • Scan to share

Setup or Update the Address Book


An initial upload of multiple users to the Xerox address book can be completed by Xerox when the device is delivered or completed after setup by ITS. Please complete the Xerox Address Book Upload spreadsheet and provide it to Xerox/ITS when requesting the address book setup.


Individual additions and overwriting of entries can be done from the device console:

  1. From the Services Home screen select Email
  2. Select Device Address Book
  3. To create a new user, select Create New Contact
  4. To edit an existing user, tap the username and select Details
  5. Edit/Enter the Display Name and Email Address
  6. Select OK

Install Printer Drivers

To install and configure the printer driver, you will need to know the IP address of the printer. For most Xerox devices, the IP address is available on the device Services screen.


  1. Open your Web browser and enter the printer IP address in the address bar
  2. Select the Support tab
  3. Click Install Print/Scan Drivers to download the driver
  4. Once downloaded, double click the file to launch the installer
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions until setup begins searching for discoverable printers
  6. Click the IP Address buttonIP Address Button
  7. Enter the IP address in the IP Address or DNS Name field and click Search
  8. Highlight the printer and click Next
  9. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install (leave default install options)
  10. Cancel printer registration


  1. Download the Xerox driver installer for your printer:
  2. Once downloaded, double click the file to open the .dmg
  3. Double click setup file to launch the installer
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions until setup begins searching for discoverable printers
  5. Click the IP Address buttonIP Address Button
  6. Enter the IP address in the IP Address or DNS Name field
  7. When the discovery completes, highlight the printer and click Continue (Note: You may need to select the printer model before clicking Continue)
  8. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install

Scan to a Share

The campus share drives, and, have been configured to accept scans from Xerox MFDs. At the top level of each drive there is a SCAN folder with a sub-folder for each unit on campus (up to one additional level of folders can be added). User access to these folders is controlled by AD security groups and can be managed, after initial setup, via 

To have your Xerox configured to scan to your department's share folder, please have your IT support submit a submit a service request that includes the IP address of the Xerox MFD, the person responsible for managing the AD security group, and if the scans will be general or secure.

For security purposes, files in the SCAN folders are cleared daily. Users with access to secure scans on will automatically be placed in security GROUP-L1 and require two factor authentication to access the folder.

Request a Report

Two types of reports are available: A device log, and a usage report. The device log provides a list of all device activity. The usage report (available only if accounting has been enabled for the Xerox MFD) provides a per-user tally of copies and/or prints. To request a report, please submit a service request that includes the report type and IP address of the Xerox MFD. 


Xerox provides online training through the Campus Xerox Portal. Device manuals are also available: