Student Email Guide



About SF State student email

  • Each SF State student email account offers 100 GB of email storage
  • Messages have a maximum size of 25MB
  • Email access is limited outside of the US and Canada. Please see Email for Travelers Outside the US and Canada for more information


How do I ...

Reset my password

Your SF State email account uses your SF State ID password. You can reset your SF State ID password using the SF State Password Reset tool. If you are unable to use the online reset tool, contact Information Technology Services for a reset code at 415.338.1420.

Web login

If you have a personal Microsoft Live, Office365, or Hotmail account you must be logged out of it. 

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your email address and click Next
  3. You will be redirected to the SF State Global Login. Enter your SF State email or ID number, and  SF State password.
  4. Click Login.

To sign out of SF State student email, you must click Sign Out and close the Web browser.

Check SF State student email @mail using a client or device

Using Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook will auto-configure your account settings when the Exchange/Outlook account type is selected and your email address and password are entered into the account dialog box. To access the account dialog box:

  • Outlook 2016/2019/O365 Windows/Mac first use: the account setup dialog will open automatically the first time Outlook is opened; select the account type Exchange/Outlook and enter your email address and password when prompted.
  • Outlook 2016/2019/O365 Windows: Control Panel > Mail > Profiles (you can then either create a new profile or edit an existing one).
  • Outlook 2016/2019/O365 Mac: Open Outlook and select Outlook > Preferences > +, select Exchange as the account type.


Using an iPod/iPhone/iPad

Use the Apple App Store to download and install the Microsoft Outlook app. Open the app and, when prompted, enter your SF State email address and password.

Get an SF State student email account

How do I get an SF State student email account?

SF State student amil accounts are assigned to students (students accepted for the Fall semester can expect to receive their SF State student email account in mid-April). Details can be found at:

Make changes to SF State student email accounts

How do I change the name displayed in the email directory?

To change the first and middle names displayed in the email directory visit: To change your last name contact Student Services (students) or Human Resources (staff and faculty).

How do I change my account name?

Account names are not customarily changed. For exceptions, submit a service request to open a ticket requesting your account name be changed. Please detail the reason for the exception.

How do I request my account be closed?

The Registrar's Office requires that all current SF State students have an SF State email account. For all others, submit a service request to open a ticket requesting your account be closed.

Using SF State student email light

If you have low vision and use a screen reader or high contrast settings, you can select the blind and low vision experience to optimize viewing. This setting can be set as the default the first time you log in. If you need to change the setting after your first login:

  1. Sign in at
  2. Select Options (Gear Icon) > Options.
  3. Select Settings and then the General tab.
  4. In the Light Version section, check or uncheck Use the light version of Outlook on the Web.
  5. Select Save.

Access other Microsoft services

Students with an SF State student email account have access to Microsoft's other online services, including OneDrive and Office Online. When your email account is created, an additional Microsoft OneDrive account with the same username will be created for accessing these services. However, please note that the OneDrive account is not supported by SF State and SF State cannot provide assistance if issues occur.

To access the addional Microsoft account services, log in to your email and select the Grid icon.

For assistance with your OneDrive account, please contact the Microsoft Help Center.


Change the time zone

  1. Sign in to
  2. From your Inbox click Options.
  3. Select General > Region and time zone.
  4. Change the date/time for the appropriate time zone.
  5. Click Save.

Get help with SF State student email

  • For problems creating your SF State student email account or changing your password, please submit a service request or contact the ITS Help Desk at: 415.338.1420.
  • For questions regarding the use of SF State student email, please refer to Microsoft's online help documentation for Windows Live. Microsoft has also published extensive documentation specific to the use of Outlook Live at, as well as the Outlook Blog at

Mailbox is over quota

If your mailbox reports that it is over quota, follow the instructions for Checking email using an email client to set up a third-party email program such as Outlook. Use the third-party program to delete or move messages from your account.

Log in if I already have a Windows Live, Office365, or Hotmail account

  1. Make certain you are logged out of your non-SF State Windows Live, Office365, or Hotmail account.
  2. Sign in at using your SF State ID number or email address (e.g., and password.
  3. If the login is set to store your ID, click Sign in with a different Windows Live ID to enter a different one.


Names and email addresses are listed in the directory unless an individual has a restricted record. Microsoft's privacy practices are available from:

Questions regarding restricted record requests should be directed to the Registrar's Office.

For more information see: Student Email Policy