SF State Communications Directory Guide

The SF State People and Offices Search provides simple and advanced search features, and allows faculty and staff to customize their contact information. The Online Directory automatically synchronizes with the latest information provided by the Human Resources Management System (HRMS). This guide details features of the search tool and explains how to update contact information.


How Do I...


Use the People and Office Search

The People and Office Search provides an up-to-date, online directory of current faculty and staff.

  1. At the top of any standard SF State Web page, click the Search icon to see the search options
  2. Click People and Offices from the left navigation - or -
  3. Click Advanced People Search to search using specific information including First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, or Building
  4. Optional: for advanced searches, check the Exact Match box to see only exact match results
  5. Click Search


Verify my Contact Information

Faculty and staff can verify their contact information using the People and Office Search.

  1. In the People and Office Search, type your name in the text box
  2. Click Search
  3. Click on your name to see the full listing


Update Directory Information

If a directory listing is not accurate or needs additional information, contact details can be updated through the SF State Gateway. Note: updating your first and middle name is for display only; it will not update your legal name in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) database.


Faculty and Staff can update:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Phone extension
  • Location
  • Terminal degree

In addition, Faculty can add:

  • Additional titles


  1. Login to the SF State Gateway
  2. Click Profile
  3. Click Update Directory Information
  4. Update the desired information
  5. Click Submit


Find Colleges, Departments and Administrative Units

SF State has an online A to Z Index with email address, phone number, and Web page for SF State's Colleges, Departments, and Administrative Units. Click the A-Z Index link at the top of any SF State website and then filter the results using the links for Colleges and Departments or Administrative Units.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My information has not been updated. How long before changes are made?

Changes to contact information occur immediately after an update is submitted through the SF State Gateway.

Can a staff member add an additional title?

Only Faculty can provide additional title information in the directory.

Why can't I modify my position information?

Position information, including title, department, and/or area, is displayed in the online directory as listed in the Human Resources Management System. For more information, see the Online Directory Policy.

How do I change my last name?

To change your last name, submit an Employee Action Request Form to Human Resources.

My legal name appears in the directory. How do I change my entry?

First and middle names can be updated through the SF State Gateway. To change your last name, submit an Employee Action Request Form to Human Resources.

How do I opt out of having my information displayed in the directory?

Faculty and employees who do not want their directory information displayed have the option to opt out of the online directory. On the Update Online Directory page, check the box labeled "Hide my information from the directory."

Who do I contact for help?

Request support through Information Technology Services (ITS).