Network / Wireless Guides

On-Campus Resident Wi-Fi

For information about Wi-Fi for on campus residents, please see the On-Campus Resident Wi-Fi Guide

Guest Wireless Network Guide (SFStateGuest)

SF State provides wireless network access to guests of the University. Current faculty, staff, students, and community members with an active SF State ID should use the SFState wireless network. The guest network:

  • Provides Internet for visitors on campus
  • Speed: 1MB per Second
  • Requires registration
  • Is an open (unsecured) connection

Wireless Network Guide (SFState)

The SFState wireless network is available to all faculty, staff, students, and community members with an active SF State ID. The SFState network:

  • Provides Internet for currently affiliated students, faculty, staff, and community members
  • Speed: Unrestricted*
  • Requires login with SF State ID and password
  • Is a secure connection


Eduroam is a worldwide roaming network available at participating educational institutions. SF State students, faculty, and staff with current affiliation can log into the network using their SF State credentials. More information on eduroam is available at The eduroam network:

  • Provides Internet for students, faculty, and staff from partnering institutions
  • Speed: Unrestricted*
  • Requires login with credentials from a participating institution

*Note: Wireless speeds vary based on distance from the Wireless Access Point (WAP), number of clients per WAP per radio and per channel, bandwidth used by each device on the WAP, battery utilization of the client device, CPU processing power of the end client device.

Network Access Control (NAC) Guide

Network Access Control (NAC) controls how computers connect to the campus Ethernet (wired) network.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Guide

The SF State VPN provides a secure way for faculty and staff to access protected, on-campus resources using their SF State ID and Password.

Departmental Network Services Guide

Authorized department staff can submit requests for telephone, VoIP, network, point of entry access, and consulting services.