Locked Accounts

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Time Limited Lock

A time limited lock occurs when too many attempts to log in are made with an incorrect password. The account will automatically lock for 15 minutes.

To resolve:

  1. Wait 15 minutes and try again
    - or -
  2. Reset your password using the SF State Password Reset tool

Locked out after changing your password?

A device, such as a tablet, cell phone, or computer, may still be trying to auto-log in with your old password. It is recommended you turn off all devices, wait 15 minutes, and turn your devices on one at a time to see which device may have the out-of-date password.

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Administrative Security Lock

The most common reasons for an Administrative Lock are a compromised account or a violation of the campus email policy.

Most administrative locks will be accompanied by a message sent to your external/emergency email address. This message will contain instructions on how to proceed.

If your account is administratively locked and you have not received an email or need help completing the instructions, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 415.338.1420 or ADM 110.

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Separation Disable

Upon separation from the university, employee accounts will appear locked during the decommission process (excluding emeritus). Former employees who need access to Human Resources documents need to contact Human Resources directly.

Note: If you are a current or former student, you will still be able to access your student record.