Tips for Working from Home

Charge Electronics: Pre-charge laptops and phones.

Avoid Home Distractions: Plan ahead for any childcare/activities, have water & snacks on hand, use a separate office space away from the refrigerator, pets, and television.

Get Dressed: Get dressed as if you are going to your onsite office. This helps to place you in the same mindset as working from the campus.

Business as Usual: Continue to maintain your calendar as you usually would. Create timeslots, schedules, and to-do lists of your activities as this lets your colleagues know when you are busy/available.

Stay Connected: Make sure you are readily available via email, phone, Teams, and Zoom.

Minimize Personal Tasks: Focus on the best use of your time. Sometimes others can distract you by asking for your attention and taking your focus away from the tasks at hand. Let people know you are unavailable during your scheduled work hours.

Take Breaks: Allow yourself time to get up from the computer and stretch. It is healthy to get an actual break from your computer screen. This can even improve focus.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Working at home can become a sedentary lifestyle. Make sure to schedule some exercise time to keep healthy and drink plenty of water!