Faculty Website Hosting Guide

SF State provides hosting at faculty.sfsu.edu for the publication of faculty web pages.




About faculty.sfsu.edu

faculty.sfsu.edu provides drupal based hosting for faculty to share public web content. Drupal provides an easy text-edit style interface and helps make sure each site is in compliance with the American's with Disabilities Act (508). 

Faculty members should use faculty.sfsu.edu for their websites. Faculty can request accounts on unixlab.sfsu.edu for student websites and coursework. Faculty can use their public_html directory on unixlab.sfsu.edu to demonstrate to their students. If you have any courses or majors/minors that need access to the coursework server, please complete the Coursework Server Form


Access faculty.sfsu.edu

Faculty need to request a faculty website before being able to login and add content: Drupal: Faculty Website form.

Once your site has been requested, visit https://faculty.sfsu.edu to login.

Instructions and help for using faculty.sfsu.edu can be found on the SF State Faculty Sites Help page.



Although Drupal does create a change log, there is no automatic backup of Drupal sites. Content should be backed up via other formats (e.g. Word, Excel, file storage, etc.).


Request assistance

Additional assistance can be requested through the Service Portal.