Email and Other Communication Software Guides

Exchange Email Guide

SF State provides Exchange email and calendaring for faculty and staff.


@mail Email Guide

Students at SF State are provided with an @mail email account.


Instant Messaging / Conferencing / Desktop Sharing Guide

SF State provides Microsoft Lync to faculty and staff. The Lync client allows users of the campus Exchange email system to communicate via chat/instant message/audio and video and participate in conference calls where you can share desktops and documents. Lync also allows communication via chat/instant message/audio and video with other Lync users and other external instant messaging clients, including the student @mail system.


Distribution Lists Guide

The SF State Gateway provides a web-based email distribution list manager. With an email distribution list, you can send an email message to a single address and have it automatically distribute to list members. List members can modify their list subscriptions and preferences.


Exchange Online Protection (EOP) Guide

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) is a Microsoft-powered anti-spam solution. EOP helps protect inbound and outbound email from spam, viruses, and phishing scams.