E-mail Attachment Blocking Guide

The SF State e-mail system is configured to block certain attachments to prevent the spread of computer viruses and other malware.

Any attachment with an extension included in the following list will be removed from the message and replaced with a text file that explains why the attachment was removed. The e-mail message and any other attachments that do not match the filter will be allowed through.

386 3gr add ade asp bas bat chm com cmd cpl crt dbx dll exe fon hlp hta inf ins isp js jse lnk mde msc msi msp mst ocx pcd pif reg scr sct shs shb url vb vbe vbs vxd wsc wsf wsh

To send or receive legitimate files of these types, attached a compressed .zip version of the file or rename the file to an extension not in the list. (The receiving party will need to rename the file to the original extension.)

Also note: The total size for any e-mail message (including body and attachments) sent from or delivered to SF State's e-mail system may not exceed 20 MB.