Coursework Server ( Guide

San Francisco State provides a coursework server ( for educational websites, programming, Linux, and Oracle databases.


Who can access the coursework server

Accounts are not automatically created for all students. The coursework server is available to:

  • All Faculty with an SF State e-mail address
  • Students with an eligible major or minor and an SF State e-mail address (check your eligibility from the Unixlab Access guide)
  • Students enrolled in an eligible course for the current or previous term and an SF State e-mail address (check your eligibility from the Unixlab Access guide)
  • Individual accounts (sponsoring faculty must submit a Service Request)

Students with course-based access will have access from the day before the semester begins until one year after the class ends. Students adding a class already enabled for unixlab will have a unixlab account created automatically within 24 hours. Students with major or minor access will have access until they graduate or change majors/minors.


For information on accessing Oracle on the coursework server, please see Oracle on


Faculty members should use for their Web sites. Faculty can request accounts on for student Web sites and coursework. Faculty can use their public_html directory on to demonstrate to their students. If you have any courses or majors/minors that need access to the coursework server, please submit a Coursework Server: Access Request that includes the course name, number and the applications to be used. 


What's available on the coursework server

  • Redhat Linux
    • GCC
    • GCC-C++
    • CPP
    • unixODBC
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Bash
    • ksh
    • Fortran
    • Java
    • Ruby
    • vim
    • strace
    • gawk
    • Apache 2.2 (no server side scripting)
  • Oracle database 11g (Oracle access)
  • SAS 9.2 Foundation
  • emacs
  • nano (similar to pico)


How to access the coursework server (

The coursework server,, can be accessed through any SSH or sFTP client. SF State recommends the program PuTTY (for Windows) or Terminal (for the Mac) for SSH access and FileZilla (for both Windows and Mac) for sFTP access.


Connection Details:

  • Hostname:
  • Username: your SF State e-mail account name (e.g., Students: janedoe for account / Faculty: jdoe for account (primary accounts only))
  • Password: your SF State password
  • Port: 22

*Five incorrect login attempts will result in a locked account. The lock will remain for 15 minutes. If your account remains locked after 15 minutes but you can log in to other SF State applications (e.g., please open a service request.


How to backup/download data

Any data you wish to retain must be backed up / downloaded prior to losing access to the server. Information on backing up / downloading data can be found on the Backing Up Unix Account Data page.


How to get help

Students needing assistance with applications on the coursework server should contact their faculty member. Contact the ITS Help Desk for questions about the unixlab server and old server retirement.