Graphic version of the organization chart

Organizational chart for Information Technology Services at San Francisco State University.

Text version of the organization structure


Phyllis Carter, Vice President & CFO, Administration & Finance

Nish Malik, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services

  • Robyn Ollodort, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Vacant, Senior Director, Project Management Office and Enterprise Applications

  • Vacant, Manager, Project Management Office
    • Michael Outinen, Technical Project Manager
    • Michelle Tagay, Technical Project Manager
  • Michelle Anolin, Lead Product Owner
    • Lin Lee, Product Owner
    • Conrad Perreras, Product Owner
    • Rebecca Diaz, Product Owner
  • Lori Brooks, Communication and Training Coordinator
  • Phil Stilson, Director, Enterprise Applications
    • Supakit (Nat) Kiatrungrit, Technical Lead Front-End and Mobile Development
      • Shruti Bhandakkar, Mobile Developer
      • Stephen Long, Front-end Developer
    • Srikanth Danapal, Technical Lead Web Development
      • William Mac, Web Developer
    • Julio Feliciano, Lead User Experience and QA
      • Lyly Chen, QA and Testing
    • Bernie Brown, Tech Lead PeopleSoft Development
      • Jessica Muller, Business Systems Analyst
      • Ramon Flores, Business Systems Analyst
      • John Sayre, Business Systems Analyst
      • Primo Estillomo, Business Systems Analyst
      • Jessie Barretto, Business Systems Analyst
    • Jaime Gomez, Lead, PeopleSoft Support and Security Analyst
      • Arsenio Herrera, Business Systems Analyst CFS
      • Tram Tong, Business Systems Analyst CFS
      • Andy Wong, BBusiness Systems Analyst CFS
      • Ivan Wong, IT Consultant Campus Solutions
      • Hugh Huang, IT Consultant Campus Solutions¬†
      • Ming Zhang, Student Systems Analyst
    • Sai Korukonda, Lead, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
      • David Liou, BI Analyst
      • Gilbert Lee, BI Analyst
      • Neethu Gs, BI Analyst
    • Timothy Cho, Lead, Administrative Application Support
      • Calvin Kuang, IT Consultant Administrative Applications
      • Xiong Feng Yu, IT Consultant Administrative Applications

Scott Nemes, Director, Service Management

  • Michael Cramer, Manager Field Support
    • James Tran, IT Consultant
    • Keshawn Gosiengfiao, IT Consultant
    • Casey Jones, IT Consultant
    • Krzysztof Kaminski, IT Consultant
    • Sterling Shanks, IT Consultant
    • Judy Wong, IT Consultant
    • George Low-Fung, IT Consultant Student Health Center
  • Whitney Sanford, Lead Service Desk
    • Arman Chauhan, Service and Ticketing Analyst
    • Liandra Nealy, Service and Ticketing Analyst
    • Michelle Martinez, IT Consultant
    • Jeff Mancilla, Service and Ticketing Specialist

Vacant, Senior Director, Infrastructure Services

  • Ellen Rayz, Director, Network and Telecommunications
    • Vacant, Telecom Analyst
    • John Wilson, Telecom Analyst
    • Alexandr Kagan, Telecom Analyst
    • NEC Tech
    • Chu Chin, Senior Network Analyst
    • Greg Strom, Network Analyst
    • Cynthia Howell, Senior Network Analyst
    • Paul Jacobs, Network Analyst
    • Matthew Yee, Network Analyst
    • Harold May, Field Services Technician
    • Chi Kuan (Felix), Field Services Technician
  • Dmitry Vayntrub, Director, Systems Services
    • Bill Choi, Database Administrator Lead
      • Vi Do, Database Administrator
      • Qi Guang Yang (Kevin), Database Administrator
      • Gabriel Green, Database Administrator
    • Basha Nagore, Identity Management Specialist
      • Martin Masters, Accounts Analyst
      • Jason Seto, Accounts Analyst
      • Joey De Mello, Accounts Analyst
    • James Leung, Tech Lead Infrastructure Architect
      • Kiran Babu Kaja, Senior VMWare Admin
      • Andrea Nguyen, Enterprise Systems Engineer
      • Marlon Rensch, Linux Systems Admin
    • Ryan Kincaid, Senior Exchange and System Admin
      • Moran Lin, Windows System Admin
      • Qun Lee, System Admin
    • Allen Wong, Tech Lead, Application Systems Administration
      • Ken Piper, Operating Systems Analyst
      • Jay Hancock, Application Systems Administration
  • Mary Morshed, Information Security Officer
    • Reji Titus, IT Security Analyst
    • Joseph Solanoy, IT Security Analyst
    • Bill Blunden, IT Security Analyst

Sarah Yee, Manager, Business Services

  • Vinh Van, Business Services Analyst
  • Sandy Sipera, Business Services Analyst
  • Alexis Wilson, Administrative Assistant
  • Elsie Bondoc, Administrative Assistant