Aug 1, 2016 – SF State Drupal Websites Migrated to Pantheon Hosting

Information Technology Services (ITS) has successfully migrated approximately 200 websites from Acquia hosting to Pantheon container based hosting. The primary intention was to move away from multi-site architecture which presented several roadblocks for scalability and maintainability. The migration was done with minimal to no disruption for the site owners and was completely transparent to the end-users. Key benefits of the move to Pantheon:

  • Reliable – Eliminates single points of failure
  • Scalable – There is no technical limitation on scaling
  • Flexible – Gives colleges the ability to do custom work without impacting the shared Drupal code base
  • Less maintenance – Eliminates the need to host local demo – everything has moved to the cloud

To learn more about Drupal at San Francisco State University, please visit Drupal at SF State.
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Monday, August 01, 2016