ITS Q2 2021 Accomplishments

Unified Communications (UC)

  • Completed the UC migrations for Administration & Finance MPPs and New Admin 1st Floor
  • Completed the UC migrations for Mary Park Hall, Mary Ward Hall, and the remainder of Library users
  • Completed the UC migrations for the Towers Conference Center and the Towers at Centennial Square
  • Completed UC migrations for New Admin Building Floor 2
  • Completed UC migrations for The Village at Centennial Square, and 30% of Corp Yard  

Knowledge Base

  • Completed 4 ITS training sessions for Knowledge Management as part of ServiceNow Knowledge Base implementation
  • Launched Knowledge Base in ServiceNow; migrated web articles
  • Logged 3946 views of IT Knowledge articles in June, about a 35% increase over May views
  • Published 85 new ITS Knowledge Base articles

Return to Campus

  • Added an “In-person Classes” option to the Class Schedule application
  • Added new Parking and Biking info on the Mobile App’s “Maps & Transit” page
  • Added Return to Campus info to the Mobile App’s “Maps + Transit” page
  • Modified the COVID-19 Daily Screening Tool to accommodate travel quarantine requirements and vaccination availability

Security Enhancements

  • Completed 2nd Quarter Oracle Critical Patches on all production environments
  • Completed DNS updates to stop denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • Completed security updates for Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations on IT-managed services
  • Configured Microsoft OneDrive settings and security controls to meet HIPAA requirements
  • Deployed critical security patches for Windows, Acrobat, Chrome, and Firefox to ITS-managed computers
  • Distributed ransomware alerts and threat intelligence notifications to campus stakeholders
  • Handled 509 compromised email accounts and 331 Technology Acquisition Review (TAR) requests
  • Implemented emergency changes in Office 365 to stop brute force password attacks
  • Implemented provisioning changes for new Office 365 mailboxes to require Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Improved the student deprovisioning process to include email addresses
  • Migrated College of Extended Learning (CEL) Campus Solutions CAPTCHA security enhancements to production
  • Possible compromised SF State student accounts were offered for auction on a foreign cybercriminal website and out of an abundance of caution, the compromised account process was launched for approximately 30 SF State user accounts
  • Rolled out new Global Protect VPN client version 5.2.4
  • Rolled out Office 365 SafeLinks feature campus-wide
  • The TAR Stakeholder Committee updated the TAR process:
  • Upgraded the WiFi monitoring “Airwave” server to mitigate a critical security vulnerability

Communities of Practice

  • Hosted Service Management Community of Practice meetings for campus IT providers, Procurement, Housing, Bursar, and Human Resources (HR)
  • Hosted 3 Information Security Working Group Communities of Practice meetings

ITS Training & Support

  • Hosted Excel Outreach training for Graduate College of Education (GCoE)
  • Moderated “Maturing ITSM” track and Service Costing session in Educause ITSM Community event
  • Presented an overview of ITS services to New Student and Family Program Orientation Leaders

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Completed Auxiliary Accounting project for generating their own checks
  • Completed Office 365 changes to improve license assignment
  • Deployed a permanent fix for Oracle Identity Manager, resolving email provisioning issues
  • Disabled RC4 legacy protocol on the campus Active Directory Domain Controllers
  • Enabled Office Online in Office 365 to offer MS Office functionality to members of the SF State community who do not have access to MS Office for desktop
  • Launched Gateway Portal Redesign preview on May 7, 2021. Excellent feedback from campus!
  • Launched Procurement ServiceNow module and catalog page. Excellent feedback from Procurement!! Go to and click on the Service Portal link
  • Recorded 29,555 new documents added to OnBase
  • ServiceNow for Procurement went live
  • Upgraded Nagios, the systems health monitoring service

Housing Updates

  • Completed automated email directions for Housing WiFi based on apartment location and room type
  • Completed setup of 50 units and summer move-in for 30 residents at University Park South
  • Implemented StarRez Portal X Visitor Module for Residential Life
  • Refreshed 99% (107 units) of University Park South WiFi with completion on Jun 15, 2021

New to Team ITS

  • Leah Reveliotty, Director of Network & Telecommunications joined ITS on May 17, 2021

ITS Q1 2021 Accomplishments


  • Spotlighted free Campus Recreation Group X Fitness Spring Classes and SF Build's COVID-19 Vaccine Informational Webinar on the SF State Mobile App
  • Updated the COVID-19 mobile screening app to meet Cal/OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health) changes


  • Completed investigation of the SolarWinds compromised server activity and found no evidence of a breach at SF State
  • Completed migration of Associated Students Inc’s (ASI’s) Event Management Server into the ITS Data Center, closing an outstanding security audit finding
  • Decommissioned existing SolarWinds servers and cancelled existing contract. Selected StatSeeker software to replace SolarWinds monitoring feature 
  • Deployed Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to ITS, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management (SAEM), and Student Health Services (SHS)
  • Deployed Security Questions on the Gateway app
  • Deprovisioned over 11,000 fake student accounts identified by ITS team members
  • Handled 714 Individual compromised email accounts and 309 Technology Acquisition Review (TAR) requests
  • Set up Microsoft Defender for Identity on the Campus Active Directory


  • Completed the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Faculty Project; all faculty accounts were onboarded
  • Established Twilio services for 2FA faculty rollout support
  • Provided call and support services for 2FA for faculty and mailed out Duo hardware tokens
  • Published an end user video on generating a Duo bypass code in the event a 2FA device is lost/stolen or inoperable:


  • Completed first phase of student email consolidation project; new students will get email instead of
  • Coordinated OnTheHub license updates to extend free Windows software to SF State students
  • Updated Class Schedule to include new Bichronous (on-demand and real-time) learning mode


  • Identified and procured alternative 2FA tokens for accessibility that can also be self-configured
  • Implemented Disability Programs and Resource Center (DPRC) accessibility improvements for Drupal 8
  • Resolved accessibility issues in Gateway Redesign and set up Single Sign-On


  • Migrated 455 phone lines (out of approximately 4,700 lines) and 12 groups to the new Avaya system, including training and support. As of the end of Q1 2021, 18% of the campus has been migrated. Check out for all UC updates
  • Ported all of the main campus phone numbers and emergency 911 lines over to the new Unified Communications System
  • Trained key campus users on the Avaya system that manages automatic call distribution (ACD) and large volumes of incoming calls


  • Completed hardware setup, network wiring, testing of order printing and processing, and mobile ordering for City Eats project
  • Completed Meal Plan integration with Housing’s customer relationship management system (CRM) StarRez Cloud
  • Completed Mobile meal ordering for the Dining Center


  • Completed 2nd floor Liberal & Creative Arts (LCA) Wireless Access Point setup
  • Completed Campus Communications project to architect Blackboard Connect for mass email communications
  • Completed data integration from Campus Solutions to Fundly
  • Completed migration to the new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage gateway for offsite backup
  • Completed OnBase and DocuSign integration
  • Disabled insecure protocol RC4 in Campus Active Directory
  • Imaged and deployed 7 laptops to SHS as part of SHIMS v2.0
  • Implemented Outlook Directory improvements to display Emeritus and Community Member roles
  • Moved ServiceNow updates to production to enhance TAR, Web hosting, iLearn help and AT equipment requests
  • Provided support for Property Office with Xerox device refresh
  • Reviewed, racked, and cabled Network Video Recorder for LCA surveillance system in the ITS Datacenter
  • Set up University Police Department (UPD) in Active Directory & SCCM
  • Updated and published the Online Directories Practice Directive
  • Updated SCCM to allow managed laptops to access the Software Center and receive updates when not connected to the campus network
  • Upgraded 150 Wireless Access Points in the Humanities building
  • Upgraded ServiceNow from the New York version to the Paris version
  • Upgraded the Airwave application used for monitoring the campus Wi-Fi network
  • Upgraded the server


  • Completed renewal of the O365 Office licensing that saves $15K annually over the prior license


  • Automated StarRez to assign and email residents voucher codes and connectivity instructions upon check-in
  • Completed the StarRez Cloud Migration project
  • Integrated door system with the customer relationship management system (CRM) StarRez’s Cloud
  • Upgraded the server that manages the residential Wi-Fi network


  • Hosted the Information Security Working Group Communities of Practice and discussed updates on security projects, Security Awareness, and the new Data Hygiene Project
  • Hosted the Service Management Community of Practice attended by campus IT providers, Procurement, HR, Housing, Bursar and Library


  • Launched the ServiceNow Knowledge Base and trained IT subject matter experts 
  • Trained the ITS Service Desk on ServiceNow Knowledge Management

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