Information Technology Services (ITS) Q4 2019 Highlights

The 4th quarter of 2019 highlighted ITS improvements in many areas, including security and disaster preparedness, the SF State mobile app, network infrastructure, and student-focused applications.

Campus Outreach Training

  • ITS hosted two Microsoft Teams outreach training sessions and one Qualtrics outreach training session as it kicked off outreach training for campus. Look for more Teams and Qualtrics sessions in 2020, and the launch of sessions on IT Resources, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Disaster Preparedness

  • Automated the deletion of phone numbers from Campus Solutions (CS) and Human Resources (HR) to reflect Telecom database changes. This ensures that business phone information provided for emergency contact or published in the public directory are accurate, which will reduce wrong numbers, misassigned numbers, and/or phone numbers that have been deactivated.
  • Replicated the last service to the Disaster Recovery (DR) site. The DR project is now completed.

End User Support Statistics

Network Infrastructure Improvements

  • Upgraded bandwidth to the Gym from 1Gbps to 2Gbps to eliminate network bandwidth bottleneck.
  • Upgraded the campus core from 20G uplinks to 40G uplinks in response to increased bandwidth utilization.

Security Improvements

  • SF State is one of several CSU campuses to improve the security of Level 1 data in Campus Solutions (CS) using Appsian to provide added security for PeopleSoft users and data owners. The data masking hides sensitive data such as Social Security Number (SSN) and Date of Birth (DOB), which are considered Level 1 data.
  • Provisioned all campus staff classified as Information Technology Consultant (ITC) to require Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on 12/05/2019.
  • Required encryption (HTTPS) for all access to the main web server.
  • Performed email cleanup to deactivate approximately 40,000 unaffiliated student accounts.
  • Identified and processed 1325 compromised individual email accounts; 760 of these were in part due to a breach of, a popular student services website.
  • October was Cyber Security Awareness month. ITS held a Cyber Security Information Session on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, teaching easy-to-use techniques to improve cyber hygiene, and tricks to keep devices and data safe online. We regularly conduct our security awareness campaign, the results of which can be found at

SF State Mobile App Enhancements

  • Added Gender Neutral restroom locators in the SF State Mobile app.
  • Rolled out 3 wellness features on the mobile application for “My Academics” and “Housing”:

                • My Academics: “Not Feeling Prepared” – tips to stay organized

                • Housing: “Roommate Problems” – communication exercises

                 • Housing: “Budgeting” – creating a budget

Student-Focused Improvements

  • ITS launched a new and improved custom Short-Term Loan (STL) application with myriad benefits. Developed in collaboration with students, this update benefits students by enabling the application process to be handled almost entirely online. See all the details at
  • In production as of October 11, 2019, ITS completed building a new version of the CSULB's First-Time Freshman (FTF) Admissions Evaluation Page for use at SF State; as a result, SF State applications processed per evaluator has increased. This has a positive impact on more timely notification and admission of applicants, which helps to improve first year admission candidates matriculating to SF State. Timely admission offers increased admission acceptance percentages which adds to first year yield.
  • Created a new PeopleSoft page to track completed Community Service Learning (CSL) hours. This provides a service to better manage CSL hours that are associated with certain courses offered at SF State. The tracked data will ultimately appear on the student transcript as a note under the associated courses. This is important to the educator and students to ensure the proper units are tracked and displayed on the transcripts, which is an official university record.

Updated Websites Went Live

Monday, January 27, 2020