More Email Security Improvements (Summer 2020)


In Fall 2019, SF State decided to de-provision email accounts for certain user groups in order to increase security and reduce the risk of compromise. In the past, email accounts were rarely removed and, as a result, abandoned or rarely used email accounts became easily compromised.

The first group of email accounts that were de-provisioned were for unaffiliated students or students who did not graduate and are no longer actively attending classes.

The next group of email accounts that are planned for de-provisioning are graduated students (alumni who are not currently enrolled in courses as SF State.) ITS has identified approximately 77,000 accounts that fit that criteria. The risk of these accounts being compromised is high, and it is difficult to manage their cleanup since in many cases the campus no longer has an active relationship with the account holders. After discussions with campus stakeholder groups (e.g., University Advancement and the IT Support teams across campus), ITS is taking steps to de-provision graduated student email accounts to reduce the risk of them becoming compromised. However, graduated students will still retain their system account and be able to access student record information. Only email services will be affected.

In addition, University Advancement has requested a new email domain for alumni that wish to retain an active relationship with SF State. Alumni can request a new email account through University Advancement and they will receive email accounts instead of accounts. The alumni accounts are considered “forward only accounts” and will provide the user the ability to forward their email to a personal email account. This reduces the risk of the mailbox becoming compromised.

What can you expect: 

The de-provisioning of graduated student email accounts will begin July 17, 2020.  All graduated student email accounts that have been identified for de-provisioning will receive a notification at that time, stating that their email account will be removed on July 31, 2020. 

There will be no change or impact to student email services ( email account holders) for the following groups:

  • current/active students
  • active CEL students

Staff and faculty with email accounts will not be impacted.

Graduated students who would like request an email account should contact University Advancement at


If you experience issues or need assistance, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 415-338-1420.